About Us

The Not Found is a fashion and style blog by me, Jenna Murray. I started The Not Found to highlight emerging and independent designers. Since I’ve started I have found that one of the best ways to support them is to wear what they create and spread the word. What originally began as an content editorial fashion blog is now transitioning into a street style blog including pieces from all levels of fashion. I believe in the underdog, ballsy enough to go out on their own and create what they believe in and what they love. Check out their stories in featured designers and stay up-to-date with me! 

The Not Found-er

Jenna Murray Founder

Photo by Andy Deluca 

I would define my style as minimal chic meets CBGB. I always like to have that underlying underground feel somewhere in my day-to-day look. Whether it be something as simple as a band t-shirt, a pointy chelsea boot, or the one item that has become a staple in everyones closet, the leather motocycle jacket. I believe in jackets and shoes, they can change any look drastically. Two things to remember that take guts,

1. Support anything emerging and independent, thats the reason I started The Not Found 

2. Stay true to yourself