August 10, 2016


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I am a beach and bikini addict, I’ll admit it. My latest bikini brand obsession is SLATE SWIM. SLATE SWIM is a luxurious swimwear line from Los Angeles. These minimal, chic, sexy suits should be a staple in any woman’s swimwear collection. SLATE SWIM has a variety of silhouettes, made out of luscious soft fabrics. The Salt top and bottom in rust (featured) are so far my favorite. Not only am I obsessed with this shade of red, but the bottoms transform with the side straps that can be styled together for a minimal look, or apart for a sexy strappy look. The top is a perfect triangle that that show’s just enough. If you’re looking to break necks on the beach SLATE SWIM is what you need. I interviewed Jessica Liao about her experience being an emerging designer, and how SLATE SWIM came to be.

What inspired SLATE SWIM and how did the brand get its start?

SLATE SWIM started when I realized there wasn’t swimwear on the market that I felt matched my style- nothing I was dying to wear to the beach, nothing that was the perfect fit. I knew that if I felt this way, there had to be other girls out there seeing the void in the market as well. I wanted to create those classic, staple pieces that women want to reach for every time- kind of like your favorite jeans and classic tee. Of course, there are the signature cuts and aesthetics that give it a unique edge as well. The brand really started on a leap of faith and endless hours of hard work. 


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What is the hardest part about being an emerging designer, and do you have any advice for new emerging designers/brands? 
The hardest part is just overcoming the unknown- I think we all fear that a little bit in every aspect of life. But that should never stop you! I try to take things one step at a time and believe in it all the way through. You have to be endlessly optimistic, you know- fall down 7 times, stand up 8. Be confident in yourself and your dream and others will see that and feel it too.

Describe the SLATE SWIM woman.  

The Slate Swim woman can be every woman. Someone who wants to feel comfortable in their body and flatter it. My pieces are designed to be classics that are simple enough to go with every woman’s style. She wears the suit, not the other way around. I’ve seen so many different types of women all around the world that wear Slate and each brings something special to it.

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Where did you get your start as a designer, and what have you brought to your own brand? 
As a kid I used to make clothes for my barbies, so the fashion side has always really been there. I went to FIDM for my degree and grew my career working for corporate companies. I always wanted to have my own line though, and when I started Slate there was no looking back.
I think I’ve really brought myself to the brand- from the style/design to all the hard work that goes in behind it. I believe in really great cuts and a clean, classic look.SLATE SWIM embodies that.

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How do you measure your success and where do you see the brand in 3 years?
I measure success on my customers loving the brand and just spreading the line out to them. I’ve gotten the most kind messages and those mean so much to me. My customers are incredible, I have even become friends with some of them! It’s just really cool to be building these awesome relationships with people who appreciate what I am doing. Also, SLATE SWIM is currently held in 12 of the most amazing retailers and I feel insanely lucky to be recognized by them.

In 3 years Slate will be in every woman’s closet, and at every beach you go to. It’s gonna be every girl’s go-to, that classic that never gets old.

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