March 15, 2016


Salvage Public Hawaii Marquee

Salvage Public is a menswear brand from Honolulu, Hawai’i. As they say, “designed in Hawai’i by Hawaiians.” Salvage Public elevates surf style that’s dressed well, but not dressed up. Starting with t-shirts with apt surf lingo they’ve now expanded to sweatshirts, board shorts, and accessories. Salvage Public is one of the most authentic brands I have come across recently; there is integrity and purpose in each piece. They have have created a commendable brand, and feeling for their wearers, surfers or not. See for yourself, Shop here.

1. When did SALVAGE PUBLIC launch and how has the company grown since it’s beginning?
We (Joe, Noah, Napali) launched in 2013 and are based out of Honolulu, Hawai’i.  We started off extremely small with a few boutiques on the island and slowly grew from there.  At the beginning we were screen printing all of our collections ourselves.  We’re now sold in 5 countries.
2. SALVAGE PUBLIC is manufactured in the U.S., is all of it done in Hawai’i specifically or do you outsource to the mainland? 
Yes, we’re split pretty evenly for what we have manufactured on the mainland U.S. and what we have manufactured here in Hawai’i.  With no prior fashion background it’s made life a lot easier to produce our products locally.
3. Salt, water and light seem to be a theme carried throughout each of your collections, how do you differentiate each collection and what inspires each one? 
We usually theme out a collection based off of experiences that we’ve had growing up in Hawai’i and what that might be like for someone not from here.  For the most part, our lives revolve around the ocean and that will always be our main source of inspiration for every collection.  Our current collection revolves around the work and play element of Hawai’i which we refer to as “Pau Ka Hana”.
4. What is your greatest accomplishment so far and where do you see SALVAGE PUBLIC in the next 5 years?
I think just getting to where we are now has been an amazing accomplishment.  Doing what we love and pushing the limits everyday on what we can design.  We are happy to portray Hawai’i as we see fit and we hope to have more eyes on our outlook in the next 5 years.  Retails stores are definitely in the future over the next 5 years as we expand our line.
5. What is the hardest thing about being an emerging designer and what advice would you give any brand just starting out? 
I think figuring out the cut and sew process has been the hardest part as we have taken on all aspects of the brand into our own hands.  We handle the design, the day to day business, photoshoots, marketing, sales, sampling, and even production at one point.  These tasks have all been new to us figuring out the process and achieving these accomplishments have been super rewarding.  Patience to learn the process and not outsource everything has been key for our successes.
6. What do you think can be done to help enable young brands?
I think as there is a push for locally made products, that more and more young brands will get exposure.
7. Do you have plans for any other pieces beyond t-shirts?
We’ve expanded our current Fall/Winter collection to include sweatshirts, wovens, board shorts, hats, socks, and our classic t-shirts still.
8. What previous experience in the industry helped SALVAGE PUBLIC get to be where is it today?
We don’t have any previous experience in the industry at all but I think the authenticity of the brand has helped it get to where it is today.

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