April 8, 2015

Surf Life BK


Chefs, surfer’s, designers, or coolest people you’ll ever meet?  In fact, they’re all of those things and maybe more.  The designers of Surf Life Brooklyn have infused food into their fashion and aren’t just designing your favorite new t-shirt but creating a new lifestyle to live by.  Surf Life Brooklyn‘s philosophy is if you eat well, you feel well and if you dress well, you feel well.  The brand embodies that Brooklyn, whether you surf or not, is a place where “ideas are born and executed” and they’ve successfully joined each of their passions to create Surf Life Brooklyn.  We interviewed them on how Surf Life Brooklyn went from concept to reality and got their thoughts on the future fusion of food and fashion.


(In featured photo from left to right; Michal Zarebinski fashion producer, Lucas Zarebinski photographer, Marcin Mroz chef)


When did Surf Life BK start? What was the hardest part about starting up and sustaining your brand?

Surf Life Brooklyn started in around May 2014.  After running a few earlier labels, we decided to incorporate food and change the name to Surf Life Brooklyn. We think the hardest part about starting up a business is finding time, being consistent, and really never giving up on it.

Chef’s in fashion? Not something you hear everyday, how did you make the transition? What inspired you to do so?

That’s a good question – we did not think much about that.  Since we were all into fashion and always wanted to have our own label, food became an additional aspect.  We sat down and talked it through and decided its time to share our cooking ideas as well.  We successfully joined our passion for healthy eating with fashion.

Maybe it’s just me, when I think of surfing, Brooklyn isn’t the first place to come to mind, can you explain the Brooklyn surf life culture and how this has molded your brand?

Brooklyn is definitely not on your travel list as far as surfing goes.  Brooklyn is a place where ideas are born and they become executed.  We all live in a wonderfully inspiring neighborhood where we surf, work, and eat.  Our everyday life on the east cost shaped and molded the concept for the brand.  We’re staying up on fashion but also want to educate people that you can eat better if you are willing to give it a try.

What are your plans for the brand beyond T-Shirts? Can you see swimwear or wet-suits in the future of Surf Life BK?

We are definitely planning on expanding the clothing line and possibly adding some accessories.  We can’t really get much into details on that at the moment, but we are working on joining surfing, cooking, and fashion together- which is pretty exciting.  On the other hand, we will be publishing a surf life cook book and hopefully doing a tour around the country to educate people on making better food choices.

Where do you see the brand in 3 years?

We are hoping for better recognition outside of Brooklyn and positive feedback to our mission.  Hopefully we will inspire few people to re-think their ways of eating.

What is one crucial piece of advice you would give to starting out designers that you wish you would have known sooner?

The good advice we can think of is to be patient.  There is a stiff competition and there will always be somebody who is  more successful than you.  Stick to you business plan, believe and do something good for the people.

Is your manufacturing based out of NYC or do you outsource your tee’s and have them printed in the U.S.?

We have recently been in talks with a manufacture out of LA, but nothing is confirmed yet.  Our first collection was manufactured overseas and screen printed in the USA.


Food and fashion are both very different creative processes, what do they have in common?  What are some things one has taught you that you have brought to the other?

It’s true – they are quite different, yet equally challenging.  Cooking is very rewarding and a special task but just like fashion you think about it everyday.  You have to put clothes on and feed yourself on daily basis.  Its your choice what to eat and what to wear – making the right decision makes all the difference.

Besides surfers, who are your customers?

Anybody who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. Once you’re a surfer you understand how important a healthy diet is. We hope to inspire people to change their eating habits and try to cook a bit for themselves – the rewards are amazing. Once you realize how much better you feel once you improve your diet – there is no going back.


Unrelated, but where does one surf in Brooklyn? (you don’t have to tell us your secret surf spot though, haha.)

Haaaa – we surf all over Long Island and sometimes when the conditions are right, we head down to New Jersey.


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